Juventus Italian Cup Final promotion is online

The champions of Juventus and Rome will be the protagonists on Sunday June 4th at the Arechi Stadium and the girls who dream of living such a day one day. The city of Salerno that, with its beauties, is preparing to host the decisive act of the Italian State Railways Cup. Emotions condensed into 90 seconds: ninety – which could be 120 in the event of extra time, like the minutes to live when the last trophy of the season will be awarded. “We’ve come this far. Together.” From today, the social media profiles of the women’s football section are online with the promotion of the Coppa Italia FS Italiane final between Juventus and Rome, scheduled for Sunday 4 June at 16.30 in Salerno.

The video shows the expectation of the players to reach the final and the expectation of many girls who have approached the world of football in the name of love for sport and inclusion in recent years. Girls who live with passion, as well as the city of Salerno, which after hosting the final of the men’s Coppa Italia Primavera and the arrival of a stage of the Giro d’Italia cycling, is preparing to be the scene of another major national event.

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