Italy is among the top eight in basketball in the world, with the Azzurri beating Puerto Rico 73-57

return fromVenture with SerbiaItalbasket prevailed in the final game of the second group stage of the 2023 World Cup. In Manila, a game is played with constant back and forth and part games on both sides with the coach’s men Gianmarco Pozzecco Good at stretching multiple times and always responding to opponents’ comeback attempts: on the shields tonus And Hedgehog protagonists with 15 points each, Fontecchio with a double-double for 12 points and as many rebounds (despite shooting 5 of 16), captain give me deadly at the most sensitive moments (3 out of 5 out of 3) and a Melli Rebounding in overtime (12 caught).

Now we are waiting for the game between Serbia and Dominican Republic to understand whether Italy will overtake the group first (in case of Serbian victory) or second (in case of Dominican victory). The first two baskets of the game come from the Puerto Ricans, then the Azzurri try to get away immediately by taking the double-digit lead with a great 15-0 run, signed mainly by Tonut (10 points in an amen). However, the Caribbean is undeterred and stands on the axis Waters Romero They immediately repair the rift coming into contact again at -3. But the game continues to live from partial and opposing games, so that Italy gets back into the offensive rhythm and with a 7-0 finishes the first third again with +10.

In the second quarter, Pozzecco’s team begins to make too many mistakes, both in the build-up phase and in the closing phase, returning to the spirits of archery, as it did in the first two games of the World Cup (3 out of 17 in Quiet). long). Having maintained a double-digit lead for a few minutes, the Azzurri are struggling to get to their irons and are slowly letting their opponents gnaw away points, finishing with a 9-3 that was completed by a good basket on Waters’ siren 3. After returning from the dressing rooms, the Italians’ breathlessness continues, Puerto Rico regains the second lead of the game after the first minutes, then a 10-1 run seems to boost Melli’s and his confidence Recover teammates who come back to +4 before the final quarter begins. Early in the fourth period, back-to-back bombs from Datome and Ricci, followed by a Fontecchio basket, gave Italy the maximum +12 advantage. From that moment on, the Caribbeans found no offensive inspiration, the Azzurri ended the game with an unleashed Ricci and finished 73-57.

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