Italian chef Panfilo Colonico was kidnapped in Ecuador. “Taken away by men dressed as police officers”

An Abruzzo chef originally from Sulmona in the L’Aquila area. Colonic yacht, was kidnapped by a group of gunmen from his restaurant in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The news, reported by local newspaper Il Centro, was also confirmed by Farnesina, which explained how the Italian diplomatic mission in the South American country is following the story in cooperation with local authorities. The Ecuadorian police – reports the newspaper El Universo – have activated the search units. The Italian Embassy in Quito is in contact with the Ministry of Foreign AffairsHe follows the situation, we learn from the Farnesina.

The kidnapping happened on Friday at 11:30 p.m. in Italy. A squad of at least four people, armed with pistols and machine guns, took the chef out of his restaurant. The action of the bandit group was immortalized by the surveillance cameras of the “Sabore Mio” restaurant, which the chef inaugurated at the end of 2022, and you can see a lot men dressed as police officers as they leave the area together with the Italian chef. “We are following what is happening with concern and are in constant contact with the Farnesina, which has taken immediate action. “The situation in the South American country is very delicate,” said the President of the Abruzzo region, Marco Marsilio. Taking to social media, the staff of “Sabore Mio” issued a statement: “To all our customers and followers: We appreciate your messages of support and concern for our boss “Benny” Colonico.” make. We will continue to work for you and in honor of our boss.”

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