Israel: “Raid on a Hamas headquarters in Khan Yunis.” Syrian media: “Aleppo airport attacked”

Israel's ground operation in the Gaza Strip continues. The army, which reported “fierce fighting” with Hamas terrorists on Saturday morning, also said it had stormed the military headquarters of Hamas's intelligence division Khan Yunis, after advancing further into the southern Gaza Strip. The intelligence headquarters is responsible for all sensitive activities of the terrorist group – the IDF reported – adding that it also has an approxI take command of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The army said it had found “very valuable” intelligence material and searched several other Hamas sites. Israeli television showed videos of the operations.

Israeli air and ground troops also attacked targets in the southern city Khan Yunis. Tel Aviv has called on the population to leave many parts of the city that are considered Hamas strongholds. This is estimated by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). at least 100,000 people have moved to Rafah, Gaza's southernmost city in recent days as fighting intensifies. The OCHA stresses that the influx of people has exacerbated overcrowding and put pressure on already limited resources, while concern is growing over the increase, according to the BBC Spread of disease in Gaza.

Syrian media are now reporting with a massive air strikeAttributed to Israel, the international airport of Aleppo, in northern Syria. The pro-government radio station Sham FM reported no damage to the airport, but images circulating on social media show columns of smoke in the area.

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