Indispensable, especially in Italy and when prices are high: vacation to Federalberghi

On vacation, an essential moment of relaxation to escape from everyday life but also to struggle with rising prices and high prices. These are the most important data that emerge from the analysis Federalberghiwhich anticipates the trend values ​​for this summer 2023: 34.7 million Italians have already spent or will spend a vacation away from home in the summer, sleep outside at least one night. August, as always, takes the lion’s share, but the choice between a relaxing weekend or a vacation is becoming more and more common. “Hit and run” vacation.

A people vacationing in Italy

Let’s start with the data about our country: 89.6% stay in Italy for the “main” holiday. The sea is considered the most popular travel destination (82.3%), followed by the mountains (8.5%) and the art cities (2.7%). Even among those who travel abroad (10.4%), it will be the sea that attracts holidaymakers the most (59.7%). “Although foreign destinations (esp Greece, Spain and Croatia) – explains the president of Federalberghi, Bernabo Bocca – will be given greater consideration than in the last two years, and we are proud to note this Italy is still a popular travel destination for Italians“.


Greek Village: Among the most popular foreign travel destinations, Greece takes a top spot along with Spain and Croatia

Every region enjoys its success. But 41% won’t go on vacation (and going there saves money)

According to Bocca “Sicily, Puglia, Campania And Sardinia The places attacked by our fellow citizens seem to be in order. But There is no region in Italy that does not enjoy its success in relation to travelers’ choices”. The average total costs (travel, meals, accommodation and entertainment) for the entire season are approx 972 euros per person. The total turnover is 33.8 billion. This result could have been even greater had it not been for thisPrice increase what characterizes this time. “What stands out,” explains Bocca, “is 41% of Italians who He won’t go on vacation primarily for economic reasons. But even among those who will go, A good 45% will try to curb spending. “This is a clear sign of inconvenience,” explains the president of the hoteliers Those who manage to leave seem resigned to having to save money anyway: perhaps by shortening vacations or trying to spend less on other things like accommodation, food and entertainment.”

The sea is preferred by 82.3% of holidaymakersPixabay

The sea is preferred by 82.3% of holidaymakers

The chosen time periods and preferred methods

August confirms itself as the most important exit month, preferred by 77% of Italians; followed by the month July, which recorded 17.6%; while 4% of those who will go on vacation prefer September. AND only 1.4% of Italians who have already taken vacation chose June for your main vacation. The majority (56.3%) will pass 4 to 7 nights away from home or take a longer vacation (25.8%). Those who spend a weekend away from home or can afford it are 17.9%.

55.1% of holidaymakers use their own car to get to their desired destination. 31.6% travel by plane and 5.1% by ship. When choosing a vehicle, convenience prevailed (66.2%). Among the types of stay are The hotel remains the preferred choice, with 26.3% of preferences, along with where relatives or friends live (26.3%). This is followed by bed and breakfasts (19.9%), private homes (13.6%) and farm holidays (5.6%).

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