In the US, the Supreme Court rejects Biden’s rule to cancel university debt. It’s still a confrontation

There supreme court He ruined the President’s plan Joe Biden to delete them student debt for millions of Americans. The US media reports. The President’s action counts 400 billion Dollars and cancel student debt for 40 million Americans.

The White House disagrees with the court’s decision and announces countermeasures. According to rumors from CNN, the White House chief is poised to announce new measures to protect those with student debt: The administration wants to “make it clear to debt holders and their families that the Republicans are responsible for the fact that it is” denied them any help that Biden fought for.”

Among other things, Joe Biden’s protest – still on the university issue – against the highest judicial body in the United States was criticized because “not be in tune with the country“: After the controversial sentence with which the court had overturned the positive lawsuit regarding access to universities, the US President blurted out: “I think this dish is not in line with the core value system of the American peopleand that “the vast majority of Americans disagree with his recent decisions,” he said in an interview with MSNBC. Supreme Court ‘can do great harm’but said he was against enlargement to restore balance.

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