In the Rubiales case, the Spanish public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into sexual assault

There national law enforcement has an investigation into “aggression sexually” towards Louis Rubialesthe President of football association already suspended by FIFA because of the scandal kiss On the mouth without consent is awarded to the player of the national team jenny Nice during the award ceremony World Championship from Sydney. Reports national audience, the national court based in Madrid with jurisdiction over all of Spain. The investigation is investigating “sexual agresión,” a type of crime that can be equated with the charge in the Italian legal system sexual assault.

After days of silence, footballer Hermoso broke the silence on Wednesday and demanded Rubiales’ gesture not stand unpunished. In a subsequent reply to the President of the Football Association, he then clarified that the kiss was not consensual: “I felt vulnerable and victim of an attackof an impulsive, chauvinistic and out of place plot and without that minimal approval from me. I just wasn’t respected,” the midfielder wrote in a message on social media. He also denounces that he suffered.keep going pressures make a statement that could justify President Rubiales’ gesture. The prosecutor, writes El Pais, then asked the player to testify Complaint.

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