In the Bologna massacre, De Angelis denies the responsibility of those convicted and replies: “I will pay for it with pride.”

“I said what I think without fear of consequences. If I have to pay for it and go to the stake like Giordano Bruno for violating dogma, I’m proud of it,” said a post on Facebook today Marcello De Angelis, Head of Institutional Communications for the Lazio Region under the direction of Francesco Rocca. He is referring to what he had written in another post on the evening of August 3rd, which caused a lot of controversy.

In that post, De Angelis said he was certain of the innocence of the three convicts who were finally convicted of the Bologna massacre: the former Nar Valerio Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro and Luigi Ciavardini, the latter who later became de Angelis’s brother-in-law himself. “I know for sure that they had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre. It is not an opinion: I know it with absolute certainty. And in fact everyone knows: journalists, judges and ‘institutional offices’.”

Just hours earlier, on the anniversary of the massacre, President Mattarella, like Senate President Ignazio La Russa, had highlighted the neo-fascist matrix of the massacre.

The perpetrators of the August 2, 1980 massacre were declared Luigi Ciavardini, Valerio Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro and Gilberto Cavallini (members of the Revolutionary Armed Nuclei) and Paolo Bellini.

The reactions

L’National Partisan Association and several opposition figures are calling on the president of the Rocca region to distance himself and remove De Angelis from his post.

talk too Paul BolognaPresident ofAssociation of the families of the victims of August 2nd, “the certainties of the balloonists who do not take into account the results of the tests and studies carried out over the years. I really think he’s an incorrigible man who believes his word surpasses all tests.” “However,” Bolognesi adds, “he didn’t talk about the Palestinian airstrip, you can see it’s going out of style. “

The Secretary of Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, wrote: “We said it just a few days ago, on August 2nd, on the anniversary of the Bologna massacre, in the square in front of the train station: we do not accept any further deceptions and attempts to rewrite history and deny the procedural evidence. The association of the families of the victims has fought hard and the prosecutor of Bologna and the police have worked hard in recent years, especially when these unworthy attempts come from the spokesman for the President of the Lazio Region: they are necessary immediate resignation. If those in charge of the Lazio region do not do this, it is Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who takes immediate action. It is serious that Meloni did not say on the day of the commemoration that the massacre in Bologna was a neo-fascist massacre. It would be very serious if he continued to allow his staff to falsify procedural truth. Put an end to this evil attack on 20th Century history once and for all. The court evidence shows that it was a fascist massacre, perpetrated by subversive neo-fascist organizations and facilitated by dissident state apparatuses. And if someone has a hard time recognizing it, they are not fit to hold institutional positions of any kind.”

Trust social media even with a long post Louis Bersani: “The trumpet call of Marcello De Angelis will not remain isolated. The deliberate ambiguity of the Prime Minister’s August 2 statement carried a message that only fair souls would not want to see: leave open Pandora’s box of black untruths while the legal truth finally emerges.” is affirmed”. “I repeat,” he adds, “those who do not respect the innocent victims by denying them the full truth do not deserve the respect of the Italians.”

Charles Calendaleader of actionShe wrote on Twitter this morning: “Martyrdom is out of the question, resignation isn’t. I hope Rocca will do something about that.”

“If De Angelis knows those responsible for the Bologna massacre and knows that they are not the ones convicted, he would be obliged to make that clear.” The former spokesman for the chamber says to Adnkronos: Luciano Violante.

The event De Angelis was supposed to attend in Catanzaro today has been cancelled

“In order to avoid controversy and exploitation of any kind, the event planned for tonight is cancelled. We continue to believe in the value of pluralism and reject any approach to extremism of any origin or persuasion. We reaffirm the intention of.” Panta Festival Montauro which consists in spreading art, culture and conviviality in an atmosphere of serenity.” This is what the organizers of the “Panta Festival 2023”, an ongoing festival in Montauro (Catanzaro), announced in a post on the event’s official Facebook page the cancellation of an event scheduled for tonight with Marcello De Angelis.

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