In an accident at the Aviano shooting range, the carbine husband of Deputy Minister Vannia Gava was seriously injured

“I came back from the hospital an hour ago: he left the operating room at 6.30 a.m., after an 11-hour operation. A large artery was hit. The situation is still very complicated. According to the Deputy Environment Minister Vannia Gavaabout the accident that befell her husband, the Colonel of the Carabinieri Antonio Dibariwho stayed on Saturday afternoon seriously injured to the right leg that follows you accidental shot started during a target practice Aviano polygon. The colonel is in the hospital intensive care unit In the Pordenone hospital it is serious but not life-threatening.

“I wish Colonel Dibari to get through this serious incident and express my sympathy to Deputy Minister Gava at the difficult moment she is facing. “It’s reassuring to know that your husband’s life is not in danger,” the deputy commented Deborah Serracchiani. Likewise the senator Tatyana Rojc She states: “I am extremely shocked and saddened by what has happened to Colonel Dibari, who I hope will have a speedy and full recovery with the support of his wife Vannia Gava, his family and the Carabinieri.” My thoughts are with them everyone.”

Dibari is on duty in Udine, where he coordinates the Office of Order, Training, Intelligence and Operations. A file was created on the incident.

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