“I’m doing well and I’m happy. Should I return to politics? I have not decided yet.”

Roberto Formigoni’s debt to justice ends today. The former governor of the Lombardy region was serving a prison sentence of five years and 10 months for corruption in connection with the Maugeri-San Raffaele affair.

“What really weighed on me was the injustice of the punishment I suffered. I knew that I had never done what they accused me of and that I had to bear the burden of a political punishment without guilt and without evidence.” This was explained by Roberto Formigoni, who has served his entire sentence for corruption, in an interview with ” Corriere della Sera”.

At the beginning, “I also felt extremely sorry for everyone who respected me, loved me and voted for me,” he adds. Many “ask me to return to politics”, friends with institutional positions, party leaders and people I meet on the street – he explains –. I haven’t decided yet, at the moment I have to finish a trip. The judiciary, in fact, will assess in the near future whether Formigoni has successfully completed the contract to the social services.

As soon as the judicial chapter is formally closed, the former governor can return to public affairs. I would like to give a serious and responsible answer. I am not interested in taking a position to seek revenge, but if there is room for an election, I would like to do my part to ensure that young people have a different relationship with politics again.”

At the moment, however: “I am not a candidate anywhere and the elections are in June, we will see and in any case we first have to check if and when I can run and that is not yet clear. “I want to get back to normal life first”. Ultimately, the candidacy would always be with the center-right party: “I have always been a popular Catholic, my home is the European People’s Party.”

Formigoni has “great respect for Giorgia Meloni and some of her ministers, but I am and will be a popular Christian Democrat within the center-right party.”

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