“I woke up to Kevin Spacey performing oral sex on me”: Statement by one of the men who accused Kevin Spacey of molestation

“I woke up in the meantime Kevin Spacey performed oral sex on me.” Was Hollywood reporter to release the testimony of the two-time Oscar-winning actor’s prosecutors before the London tribunal. As reported thr, the process has reached its third week and Spacey is defending himself against a dozen allegations of sexual harassment brought by four men. The quotation mark on the subject of “oral sex” refers to the last testimony in the trial a few days ago and concerns video of a police interrogation with one of the alleged victims.

The man described an incident that allegedly happened in the summer of 2008. The accuser contacted Spacey after he attended a performance for young actors at the Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey was artistic director for 11 years between 2004 and 2015. The man had later contacted Spacey with a letter asking for tutoring. Spacey therefore reacted positively after two weeks and called him. The First meeting between the two would then take place at eleven o’clock in the evening near Waterloo station in London. Unusual time for a professional appointment, but so be it. Today’s aspiring actor rushes to the accuser.

The two take a short walk, then Spacey invites him to his apartment. Two beers and a joint for company, but when the gentleman was about to leave, Spacey would have tried to give him an inappropriate hug on the sofa and rubbed his face against his crotch. The presenter would then have pushed him away and in describing those moments, he said that Spacey’s conversation seemed “forced” to him. At this point, the man claims to have fallen asleep. So suddenly. It’s not “something I would normally do,” she explained“I felt weak.”

And Here Spacey is said to have sexually exploited him. why whenor the presenter would wake up on the couch about five hours later to find Spacey kneeling on the floor performing oral sex on him. Again, the man urged the actor to quit, which did happen, at least according to the accuser’s statement, which was actually removed from Spacey: “I think it’s better that you go.” Spacey would later ask to do so, dating no one to keep the hours spent “together” silent. The alleged victim then recalls walking away, sitting at the bus stop where she cried and 24 hours later began to feel depressed and that it would be a blow to his manhood if he reported what happened: “Maybe it was somehow my fault? I put myself in that situation.” It was only when the spate of complaints started ten years later with MeToo that the man decided to confess what he had experienced that night.

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