“I rely on common sense when working on air strikes”

“We are working on that too, a table between companies and workers will be convened as early as next week.” Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Matteo Salvini said on Tg1 of the airport ground staff strike on Saturday 15 July.

“Here too, I’m counting on common sense, for the Italians, for the many tourists, because this will be an exceptional season that cannot be undone by one strike after the other,” stressed the minister, adding: “Even here it’s been six years.” It’s a contract, we’re catching up on years of arrears and delays in contracts and on construction sites.”

“On a hot, very hot Thursday in July, we couldn’t strand a million workers, young, old and commuters.” So I understand the rail workers’ demands so well that I’ve asked the companies to sit down the table in the next few hours to reopen to see what they are demanding, but a 24-hour strike would have been unsustainable and damaging to the railway workers “country,” said the infrastructure and transport minister on Tg 1.

“It’s hard work for railway workers like many others,” says Salvini of negotiations with unions, “so it’s right that they get more recognition, but the rights of these workers shouldn’t be any different.” Millions of workers’ ‘.

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