Healthcare company ordered to compensate the family of a 12-year-old who died in hospital due to “diagnostic and treatment errors.”

Two whole days of agony in the emergency room for aIntestinal obstruction treated with considerable delay: the tests carried out after 14-15 hours, the surgery carried out after almost 21 hours, the diagnostic errors, then a series of cardiac arrests and finally death. So alone 12 years disappeared Francesco Palomino Congaon December 30, 2019. As reported by the day And the Republicalmost four years later, the Judge of Lodi has recognized the responsibility of Asst Melegnano and MartesanaEstablishment of one financial compensation to the family of the child who died in hospital Vizzolo Predabissi. The criminal proceedings against a doctor in the hospital are still ongoing.

Francesco went to the emergency room on December 28th 5.41 In the morning I suffer from very severe stomach pain. However, he had to wait longer 14 hours before it is subjected to the necessary radiological examination And 15 hours A…HaveUltrasonic, which indicated an intestinal obstruction that required surgery. L’interventionbut only started at 2.30 December 29th: 38 centimeters of intestine were removed, but it was already too late. Francesco was taken to hospital Intensive care unit: the next day he had one Intestinal infarction which caused him a series of cardiac arrest and led to his death. The entire community of Cervignano d’Addawhere the boy originally came from was deeply affected by this tragedy.

The judge spoke of “obviously”, citing a technical report. Diagnostic error” And “unexplained delays in therapy“. “From the outset, the treatment of the patient by all the healthcare workers who treated him was characterized by a superficial wait-and-see attitude and therefore inadequate”. Real “not selected”, those of the health workers that “resulted in a progressive deterioration of the patient” and resulted in “a certain diagnosis with extreme delay, when the clinical picture was now seriously compromised, and therefore with an almost inevitable negative prognosis.” The chances of survival were initially 100% and, in the event of surgery, remained at 90% until the evening of December 28th. In short: “Francesco could have saved himself, it’s black and white,” emphasizes the family’s lawyer. Giuseppe Badolato. “Sometimes even as a lawyer I find it difficult to support certain emotions, in this case we are faced with thisyet another stolen life“.

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