Grillo’s response to the controversy surrounding the ‘citizen brigades’: ‘Stop! It was a boulade”

“Stop! It was one.” boulade. Is it possible that you take everything seriously? Even the newspapers exaggerated a bit. Stop!” This is how the video started by Beppe Grillo begins Twitter as answer to controversy it came after the call to the citizens on Saturday to set up the “city brigades”: people on the square “in balaclavas” to repair roads and manhole covers.

“I have received dramatic news,” the M5S representative continues wryly, “a 70-year-old plumber was spotted repairing six manhole covers with a balaclava at night.” A 64-year-old Albanian man with a trowel was spotted how he patched eight sidewalks with a balaclava overnight. It can not go on like this. To stop! We also need a law. The government must react, must enact a law. Eliminate abuse of office and end abuse of community service. Stop. Stay consistent with yourself, government and politics. Get out there and applaud the city. You have to say, “Look at that beautiful ruined gully, what a beautiful broken sidewalk, look at those moldy plants”! You must do that. Stop doing that or you’ll end up in an optimal mess!”

On Saturday, Beppe Grillo addressed the crowd from the stage of the 5 Star Demonstration in Rome against job insecurity: “You are your own leaders. Walkways, flower beds and manhole covers. Do the work and run away.”

Words that political forces had evoked. “Serious, worrying and unacceptable”, the boss of the Salvini League had defined them, “Farneticazioni”, for Giuseppina Picierno (Pd). “An incitement to violence”, the commentary by Maurizio Lupi (We moderate).

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