Giorgia Melonis informal visit to Albania to meet Prime Minister Rama

Giorgia Meloni interrupted her holiday in Puglia for a short surprise trip to Albania, to Vlora. At the invitation of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who receives her at his villa near the seaside town, the Prime Minister decides to spend a few hours on the opposite shore of the Adriatic Sea. An informal visit, which according to local media is set to last two days and which comes a few days after the debate launched by Rama himself, who had highlighted on social media the tourist boom in his country, due in particular to the strong presence of Italians. Compare it to a “counter-exodus” compared to that of Albanians in the early 1990s.

However, Rama had also emphasized that he admired Giorgia Meloni and felt like a “brother of Italy”. On the eve of August 15, the Prime Minister pushed everyone aside and decided to take a regular ferry, the Prince, to pay a private visit to her Albanian friend.

Meloni left the Ceglie Messapica farm in the province of Brindisi, where she spends the holidays with her husband, her daughter, her sister Arianna and her brother-in-law, the priest Francesco Lollobrigida, and embarked with her family to the port of Brindisi by ferry embark Arrived in Valona, ​​it was personally received at Rama Port (local media released a video of the motorcade) and is expected to stop in Albania for two days. The procession of the two Prime Ministers led to the Albanian Prime Minister’s villa, where Meloni is on a private visit.

In an attempt to put the internal political debate behind for a few days, the focus in recent days has been on the issue of the minimum wage, for which the united oppositions have started collecting signatures, which they have announced will have 100,000 subscriptions reach on the special platform, i.e. less than 24 hours and despite the technical problems of the first hours due to too many accesses. Therefore, after entrusting the entire dossier to the CNEL and leaving 60 days to reach a common solution, the Prime Minister decides to pull the plug, at least on August 15, and visit her Albanian counterpart for a few relaxed hours of talks on political matters However, subjects affecting the two shores of the Adriatic could be absent.

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