G7 chief: ‘China is pressuring Russia to withdraw troops’

After Covid-19, the next health crisis cannot catch the world unprepared. That’s what the President of the European Commission said today Ursula von der Leyen Speech at the sixth session of the G7 summit, currently taking place in Hiroshima.

“The next health crisis cannot catch us unprepared. Let’s use the lessons we learned during the pandemic,” said the number one European executive.

Von der Leyen called for reform of the WHO: “We need stronger global coordination to prevent, prepare for and respond to future pandemics.” The World Health Organization deserves reform and has the resources to continue its leading role as the nerve center of the world perceive global health”.

Even the President of the Commission asked an intensification of “engagement with the least-resourced countries”. to address health emergencies” that require “more skilled staff, better infrastructure and greater community engagement.” It is also about “increasing local capacities to produce vaccines where they are needed”.

Von der Leyen also called for cooperation between the G7 and G20 to “ensure that in the event of a future pandemic, money can be deployed more quickly and efficiently” compared to what happened with the Covid pandemic, which saw “medical” countermeasures took too long.” The model for global health, according to the president, is that of “universal health coverage,” von der Leyen said, citing the risks associated with the new “silent pandemic” of antibiotic resistance.

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