“From the revision of the PNRR 330 million euros for the sector”

“I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the revision of the PNRR, over 300 million euros are available to strengthen the competitiveness of tourism,” said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, speaking via video International Tourism Forum on Lake Maggiore. “We do this through the EIB thematic tourism fund, which allows us to finance the modernization of accommodation facilities and tourism services,” he added. “Concrete support for a strategic sector.”

“Yesterday, after a very strenuous work, the EU Commission approved the amendments to the PNRR presented by the government: it is a task that I am very proud of, a very complex task in which all institutions and categories were involved.” Meloni claimed it was a “much more complex task than one can imagine. It wasn’t obvious to implement, but we did it.”

“Today we can present a new plan that overcomes the critical problems that existed in the implementation of some previously planned measures.”

“In the first 4 months of 2023 we recorded 43% more tourists than in 2022, with the number of employees increasing by about 130,000 employees,” Meloni said. “The strategic plan – he added – is very intelligent, it has planned the objectives and outlined the ways to achieve them.” The plan “improves the competencies of the regions, knowing better the specificities of the territories,” points out the Ministry of Tourism However, a stronger coordination and leadership role is needed to make the use of resources more efficient and rational.”

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