“Freedom means combining work and motherhood without having to make a choice”

“I believe that what was sold as freedom cannot be sold as freedom: that is, we free women from their children so that they can work.” I I think that if you want to give birth to a child, you don’t have to give up your job to do it, and I think that if you want to work, you don’t have to give birth to children if you want.. If you have to make a renunciation, you are not free: that’s why I deny a freedom that we have been told.” Said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by the director of the Corriere della Sera Luciano Fontana, as part of “Il Tempo delle Donne” in Milan .

“I believe that a woman can and should be empowered to have the best career possible without having to make sacrifices, and I work accordingly.” I consider myself a conservative, but by conservative I don’t mean that I think women need to stay at home Otherwise it is incompatible with children,” he adds.

“I think that a normal society in these times can create the conditions that allow women not to have to vote and therefore to be truly free. Because until now it wasn’t always like that. These greater freedoms that I want to guarantee with tools.” that government is seen by some as a form of vision that is not very modern: However, in my opinion it is the most modern of all, because modernity means having the tools that “We have to use this time to ensure greater freedoms,” notes the Prime Minister.

And again: “Fundamentally, freedom is put into the state can do your part to be able to show what you are worth. If you want to guarantee freedom in Italy, you have to enable people to show what they are worth, regardless of the reality from which they come, the family into which they are born or the starting conditions. Everyone has to be able to do their part, to prove their worth, but this it also means that this value must then be recognized“, concludes Meloni.

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