Four attacks in one day, but affectivity classes are not necessary? Let’s start with something

One question, just one question: Does it seem normal to you that a 55-year-old woman is hit with the butt of a rifle by a 60-year-old hunter just because she complained that the man in question was shooting near her? A house? Strike several times and then I don’t pay, The hunter fired an “intimidating” shot He then took the mobile phone with which he had been photographed towards the victim’s feet. The event occurred at Reggio Emilia.

But let’s continue: Rome Piazzale Clodio, a man walked up to his ex-wife and attacked her; It later emerged that the attacker had completely ignored the ban on contact with his ex-wife. We most likely also know about the 70-year-old man who strangled and killed his wife Fano. But perhaps most people have missed the story of grass: Lunch break A man is waiting for a woman: he jerks her off, sprays hydrochloric acid on her face and body. A group of colleagues tore it out of his hands, and one of them – 47 years old – was slightly injured. We are at four stories in which women are victims of violence.

In the province Viterbo A 40-year-old man terrorized his ex-girlfriend and her relatives by appearing under the house with a broken bottle in his hand. At first some neighbors accompanied him home, but when he got home he apparently called the woman to warn her that he was coming back; He would have walked under his house with a bar in his hand.

What do these cases have in common? What exactly happened in a single day: from 9 p.m. on Monday, November 20th, to the same time on Tuesday, November 21st. While nothing was said except the poor woman’s story Giulia Cecchettin Other possible Julians were victims of aggression, violence, savagery and a complete lack of respect.

Then on the same day the news was published that a Taranto A 40-year-old man would have been notified a precautionary order a ban on approaching his ex-partner. He, “possessed by morbid jealousy,” subjected her to acts of persecution until she entered her house and forced her to flee in her pajamas, damaging furniture and furnishings in the house. I repeat, it all happened in a single day of ordinary violence.

Now the second question: Many believe that education about respect, affection and sexuality cannot be taught and learned in school. Is it perhaps better to leave the only “school” for these topics to pornographic channels? TikTok? Youtube? In that sense: all more or less virtual channels that are available to everyone using all technical means at any time of the day or night? We then add that the only thing missing is someone inventing something like Maestro Manzi of affection sex with the use ofartificial intelligence and you can get started.

This is not a crusade against the new thing that is on the rise, it is not that a war of the “genders”: Males versus females. It’s about finding the beginning of something that can orient those growing up to the idea that people need to be respected; That being civilized people means not swinging and use violence. It’s about recognizing when you’re in the middle of the action a so-called dysfunctional relationship. On the same day that the events described above occurred, there was a whole circus of statements, starting with the rhetoric of the minute of silence – which the studies and institutions have arguably transformed into a minute of noise – announcements of the installation of new red benches, from Conferences, announcements of competitions in schools for the production of short films, toughening of penalties, increase in expulsion tools by the police commissioner, we are talking about electronic bracelets again (I hope the ones that work, I would say). , remembering The case was reported by the Resto del Carlino).

In short, it seemed like everyone had it The solution in your pocket but most of all we wanted to start somewhere. Personal I just smiled. A bitter laugh because I realized that once again everyone is talking about change without wanting to change. Or rather, how those who play a role in politics always manage to set in motion the process of “giving the impression of doing something without doing anything.”

The reason is easy to explain: there is a very clear, simple and implementable bill that provides for the teaching of emotional and sexual education in schools of all levels in a structural and systematic way, with specific means and the involvement of professionals. It’s an attempt. A beginning compared to the nothingness that exists now. Stefania Ascari The 5 Star Movement is the first signatory and the text of the law, which is available online, consists of a few pages that are written in an understandable manner, without the sophisms typical of the parliamentary environment. The text suggests trying to enable male and female students to get to know themselves and each other. Guide boys and girls to discover emotional relationships and respect for the opposite sex. In addition to following the rulesthe reduction of prejudices, but also the teaching of the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

All useless things? All things that are useless, especially when taught in school? Personally, I don’t know. I know we should try to start somewhere, but this bill doesn’t seem to exist. There is no one who has the courage to say: “No matter which party presented it, if there is something good in it, we will try to implement it.” If it needs to be corrected, we will do it.”

But let’s try to start somewhere. Without just giving the impression that it is the case, as is all too often, if not always, the case in Italy.

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