Foggia, shots fired in the square of Apricena during a dispute for trivial reasons: two youths injured

A brawl for pointless reasons. Someone draws you gun and start shooting wildly into it square two brothers wounded. It happened at Dinner openerin the province Fogon Easter Eve. Downtown Andrea Costa Square, a fight breaks out between two groups of teenagers. One, apparently, out San Severo. During the brawl, someone pulls out a gun and two shell casings are hit and injured two brothers aged 28 and 26, both manual workers uncensored.

Most young was shot at leg and was transported to the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo, where he underwent an operation surgery for projectile extraction. The 28 years oldhowever, one was shot poor and after being medicated, he was discharged. As far as we can tell, the triggers for the brawl came from a few too many sentences and looks.

At least five youths and some residents of the area alerted by the police are said to have been involved in the brawl shout out and give it Shootthey called me Carabinieriwho intervened on site together with the country’s health workers 118. Arma soldiers found three shell casings from one 7.65 caliber pistol and they are conducting investigations to reconstruct what happened, also thanks to the viewing of the videos of the security cameras available in the area.

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