Feminicides, Schlein: “The majority should join the opposition to allocate the treasure of the maneuver to anti-violence centers”

“We have had days of strong shock in the country Femicide, violence and rape. How do we respond to the squares that were full of people and women on November 25th, calling on politicians to take a step forward in the country? The Opposites unite on one the change so that the little money that was left for Parliament went to the maneuver are set up to combat gender-based violence majority Do the same: stop giving tips and kickbacks and put those resources with us.”

She was the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein to throw the ball to the initiative approved by the majority on Friday December 15, while the President of Action, Mara CarfagnaHe talks about “a positive signal in the last hours from the Senate”, where “all opposition members have decided to use the money that the government has awarded to Parliament for the.” Changes to the budget lawto fund initiatives to combat the Violence against women“.

Carfagna emphasizes that this will be the case if the government accepts the proposal 40 million euros “They are used for this Strengthening the centers existing anti-violence, e.g build new onesfor the construction of new emergency shelters, but also for Train all operators who come into contact with the topic of violence, so that gender-based violence is always recognized as such and no detail can ever be underestimated.” In short, a good sign that “of course this is not enough and the fight against gender-based violence will continue every day must”.

“The government has made violence against women a top priority from day one,” she commented Eugenia RoccellaMinister for Family, Birth and Equality, emphasized: “We can therefore only be pleased that the opposition is also following this line and wants to take part in the review.” Budget law “Strengthening tools and resources to combat violence.”

The question about the so-called treasure, i.e. that Fund to finance legislative measures, and the exact amount therefore remains open. The split between 60% for the majority and 40% for the opposition seems certain. All minority political forces have decided to pool their share in the measure to combat violence against women.

Raffaella Paitanational coordinator of Italia Viva calls for his party to propose “combining all the parliamentary resources available under the budget law into a single item of expenditure, namely interventions on the issue of femicide and the fight against violence against women.” We are inspired by various amendments proposed by the opposition, in particular Italia Viva is fighting for the increase Freedom Income, whose fund will increase from 4 to 10 million euros over the next three years. It is expected that the allowance will be increased to the maximum 1000 euros per woman. The fight is the one that has begun Maria Elena Boschi And Lucia Annibali in the last legislative period”.

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