Fearing for Neymar, some bandits tried to kidnap his daughter and her partner

Some bandits tried to kidnap the Brazilian champion’s newborn daughter and her partner Bruna Biancardi. The incident occurred in Cotia, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. Three armed men broke into the home of the parents of Bruna, a well-known digital influencer and mother of little Mavie, who just turned one month old.

Fortunately, the young woman and little girl were not in the structure at the time. Apparently the bandits took advantage of the lack of electricity caused by last Friday’s storms. The house is located in a fenced-in residential complex and, according to initial information, one of those arrested is a neighbor of the victims. The other two are still being sought.

As reported by brand, the attackers tied up Bruna Biancardi’s family members and continued the theft of bags, watches and jewelry. The police, as previously mentioned, intervened by stopping one of the suspects currently in custody – a sigh of relief for the green and gold footballer. The criminals didn’t find any money in the house safe, but stole other valuables and fled.

On social media, Biancardi assured his followers that “thank God everything went well.” The Brazilian striker also posted a message: “Sad day but thank God everyone is okay.”

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