Far right procession commemorates Sergio Ramelli, garrisoning the Anpi for Gaetano Amoroso

The procession, organized by some groups of the Italian extreme right, left Piazzale Gorini in Milan in memory of Sergio Ramelli, an 18-year-old from the Youth Front who was killed in 1975 by a group of Avanguardia Operaia activists. The demonstrators marched first through Via Aselli and Via Amadeo to Via Paladini, where the student was attacked. Immediately before the start, participants were given torches that were lit along the entire left side of the queue. At the head of the procession was a black banner reading “Honour to fallen comrades” and a laurel wreath in memory. About a thousand people attended. Among others, Casapound, Loyalty and Action and Forza Nuova also took part in the procession, remembers Enrico Pedenovi and Carlo Borsani. It ended with the ritual of the “gift” and the Roman salute repeated three times, the militants of the extreme right reached the mural commemorating the student of the Youth Front and laid a laurel wreath.

The Anpi Garrison

In the afternoon, the Anpi organized an anti-fascist garrison in Piazzale Dateo: “It has been a long time since we said, like the Anpi, that these organizations must be dissolved, like those that will parade today with the memory of Ramelli and Pedenovi as a pretext for an open apology of fascism, of those organizations that oppose the principles of the republican constitution”. This was explained by Adnkronos Roberto Cenati, President of the Provincial Anpi of Milan. “The instruments are there, they are the laws of Scelba and Mancino, which must be applied, we need the political will to apply them. The instruments are there and we ask that they be applied,” he adds. “We have the murder of Sergio Ramelli and Enrico Pedenovi (lawyer and provincial councilor of the Italian social movement) has always been strongly condemned, and today we have decided to erect this anti-fascist garrison also in memory of another young man, Gaetano Amoroso, who was stabbed to death by militants of the Youth Front on April 27, 1976 and died three days later”. , concludes Cenati.


Milan, Antifascist and Antiracist Network Mestizo and Solidarity Procession in Memory of Gaetano Amoroso, Victim of a Fascist Ambush

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