“Extension of market protection measures”. Salvini for it

An appeal to the government to change the energy decree approved by the Council of Ministers yesterday was launched by the Democratic Party during a press conference at the party’s state headquarters. In particular, there were calls for the measures to be expanded protected marketwithout which they would expose themselves 5 million small consumers to price increases for gas and energy.

The appeal was initiated by the secretary Elly Schleinout of Annalisa Corrado, The person responsible for ecological change, the former minister Bersani and the economic manager Misiani. “It’s not late to stop Meloni on the bills,” Schlein said.

“We talked about the protected market this morning” and “I believe that through dialogue we can resolve a mistake we found on the table“. He said League leader, Matteo Salvini, to the foreign press. Salvini spoke of “Minister Fitto’s discussions with the Commission” and the hope for a “positive solution”. The deputy prime minister said he supported the extension.

“There will be discussions with the European Commission, we hope to resolve the issue without any changes. Also because, like France and Germany, we do not have the money to invest in the sector. “Unfortunately, Draghi and everyone who came before him presented it as a milestone in the PNRR,” he explained. The plan, Salvini reports, is to “rediscuss the times and methods. As soon as we bring this home we will be there financially,” “that’s no problem.” “The problem is that it’s a two-way negotiation.”

Elly Schlein spoke to reporters at the end of a conference at the party headquarters with a view to COP 28, commenting on Minister Salvini’s words on the subject. “I am pleased that after the Democratic Party press conference, Salvini noted yesterday’s government’s no to the protected market. I wonder where he was yesterday in the Council of Ministers that decided to start the auctions. Once the auctions start, there is no turning back.” . Let’s hope they stop. That is the hope of the Democratic Party.”

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