Eros Ramazzotti says “I love you” to his girlfriend Dalila on social media, but fans’ eyes fall on the strange detail of the menu

“He doesn’t hear people’s words, he’s deaf, stubborn, damn deep, has no ageit hurts, it’s good, it doesn’t hide, it teaches, it increases, sometimes it’s wild beyond all limits and it’s the dark side of its irrational nature, it’s beautiful but also unknown, let’s love this live it to the fullest, live it to the fullest, everyone, fearlessly. I love you“. Eros Ramazzotti Dedicate words of love to your girlfriend on social media Delilah Jasmine in what is this first post on Instagram, where he shows himself together with her. There’s a 25-year difference between the two, and someone in the comments emphasizes that aspect: “But you like her too young,” and the observations of those who don’t shy away from comparisons are prompt: “Beautiful…” But Michelle was something else entirely, wasn’t she?“. Then there are those who, instead of the romance of the post, are captured by a detail behind Eros and Delilah: A menu which has the entry “Ravioli stuffed with prawns and asparagus with clam sauce, octopus, cherry tomatoes and bottarga” for the price $290. So someone points out: “Yes, but €290 for a plate of stuffed ravioli seems a bit excessive to me…”.

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