Due to extreme weather events, food prices are increasing

Another bad news for Italian consumers. After rising transport costs and skyrocketing flights; After the increase in petrol prices by up to 2.5 euros per liter, extreme climatic events led to a renewed increase in food prices.

It’s about theclimate inflation and so defining it is the association non-profit consumerism who has been observing the phenomenon closely for some time. “Climate change and extreme heat are having a direct impact on retail prices and impacting consumer wallets, leading to a Stinger, only for grocery shopping, up to 4.7 billion euros per year”says the consumer association.

“Climate change impacts resources, agriculture, infrastructure and energy production, leading to an increase in general costs, which in turn affects the prices of goods and services offered to the public,” explains Consumerismo – for example, the cost of an agricultural commodity increases due to a lower production availability due to negative climate change, as has been the case for many vegetables or fruits for many months.

“Even the prices of some essential services such as transport, water, gas and electricity are subject to severe extreme events. According to the association’s scientists, climate change is affecting retail prices by up to +3.2% in the food sector alone, with a Increase in expenditure on average +246 euros per year for a family with two children only for the purchase of food and drinks and a total burden on Italians with the same consumption of around 4.7 billion euros per year. If we then factor in the increased use of air conditioning and fans to stave off heatwaves, the impact of the heat on the bill – at current electricity tariffs – amounts to about €110 per core per year, or over €2.8 billion if you count the total in Italy takes families into account”.

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