Dl Cutro, the majority amends the amendment on special protection. Ok Senate

Senate green light for majority anti-privacy amendment, but with rewording requested by same majority. A decision to which, after reflection, the “conformity” of the Undersecretary of State for the Interior, Nicola Molteni, was obtained.

The amendment on special protection also aimed to delete from paragraph 1.1 of Article 19 of the Consolidated Text on Immigration the words “or if the obligations referred to in Article 5(6) are fulfilled”, i.e. the “constitutional or international obligations of the Italian state “. Article 19 excludes “refoulement or expulsion or extradition to a State of any person where there are reasonable grounds to believe that he or she is at risk of torture or inhuman or degrading treatment, or where the obligations set out in Article 5(6) have been fulfilled”. The first signatory, Maurizio Gasparri (Fi), asked to delete the passage that would have determined the stop of the evaluation linked to these commitments.

Furthermore, the amendment confirmed the tightening of special protection grants for those who have not received international protection but cannot be expelled or turned back because they are at risk of persecution, life and systematic human rights violations, inhuman treatment or torture. The possibility for people who have received special protection to convert it into a residence permit to work has been reduced to a flicker; Stop also for those who are in our country due to major disasters and for medical treatment.

The residence permit is then no longer issued for a “severe” disaster, but for a “contingent and exceptional” disaster, bearing in mind that it can only be extended for a further six months (based on the first six months) and only then when the conditions of the “extraordinary” “catastrophe” exist. In addition, the number of foreigners who cannot be turned away or expelled due to serious psychophysical or pathological illnesses will be reduced.

In view of the crackdown, a provision was instead inserted in the text to grant a residence permit to foreign victims who are forced or induced to marry.

After opposition protests, the majority decided to withdraw the “Kangaroo” Amendment, which included Articles 2 through 10 of the law Cutro Legislative Decree. in front of the Senate chamber. It is the result of the group leader of Palazzo Madama.

After a marathon of nearly 11 hours, the Senate suspended consideration of the Cutro decree. Classes resume at 10 a.m. today. The final vote on the decree should take place in the morning. The Senate has not yet completed the consideration and voting of all amendments to Article 7 relating to special permits, including that of the Government, which will be among the first to be voted on today.

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