Difficult opening for the main European stock markets

Difficult opening for the main European stock markets, which have been fluctuating between negative and positive territory for a long time without being able to take a precise direction. Only London (+0.012%) appears to be steadily increasing, while Paris is losing more than a tenth of a point. In Milan (+0.01%), the banking sector is under observation after yesterday's good performance.

Even the Asian markets seem unable to reverse the trend. Tokyo is still closed for holidays, all others are negative (except Shanghai, +0.17%).

The worst is Seoul, which loses more than two points. It is influenced by the result of the technological price list on Wall Street, the Nasdaq, which lost more than a point and a half last night. After Barclays Institute lowered its rating on Apple, it triggered selling in Apple shares and component manufacturers. (AMD -5.99%; Intel -4.88%).

The spread began the day with a slight decline to 163 basis points, the difference between yields on BTPs and German Bunds, with Italy's 10-year bond at 3.69%.

Gas is largely stable, we are at 30.7 euros per megawatt hour.

Finally, a look at the price of oil, which is falling again after yesterday's increases. We are below the $76 per barrel threshold for Brent

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