, an AI tool for business growth and innovation

sea ​​groupCampania Holding with a turnover of 30 million euros launched the platform Delphi.aidesigned to support small SMEs in the growth and innovation process.

An important milestone for the company from Campania, which is revitalizing the sector with this project business consultingand creates an opportunity for business. With they have the opportunity to access solutions that can provide concrete support at no cost and identify the best strategies to take the company to the top.

Innovation is a fundamental aspect of any activity in the various sectors of the economy and is even more relevant for SMEs, for which it often represents a decisive competitive advantage.

A group alongside companies

sea ​​group It is the South’s premier group for equity capital and is among the top 30 SMEs nationally. Founded in 2001 under the name Mare Engineering, the company was originally a consulting firm for large companies.

Over the years, the company has experienced exponential growth, focused on the development of an internal know-how, above all technological, obtained through constant investments in R&D, the acquisition of highly qualified companies and collaborations with research centers and universities not only national , but also international level .

The group specializes in innovation managementSimulation and digitization of processes, big data analysis, development and valorization of cultural heritage, sustainable mobility and electrification.

For the companies with which it works, it offers 360° advice through a strategy that envisages the integration of products, services and technologies: aspects that, thanks to engineering and managerial skills, as well as through the creation of ad hoc business units, are organic be implemented .

With Mare Group adds an effective tool to companies that creates a scalable model, available to everyone, easy to use thanks to a user-friendly dashboard, and able to provide extremely useful data and guidance for those making decisions in PMI., innovation at business reach

There Delphi helps organizations gain a comprehensive picture of their performance, strengths and weaknesses, and the strategies followed by competitors, and identify the targeted actions needed to gain competitive advantage.

The data is obtained by artificial intelligence and allows you Calculate the degree of innovation the individual activity; To access the Services, it is sufficient to enter the VAT number and an e-mail contact address.

This is just the beginning of the solutions implemented by Mare Group with Currently it is possible to purchase the services created by the Campania Holding with tax benefits and without prepayment through the platform, and new services are planned for the near future.

Among the solutions in phase of development Just before the launch there is a shop with products and services for SMEs, a special chat and the creation of four innovation paths. Tailored options that meet the diverse needs of businesses and enable them to grow based on innovation.

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