Dancing with the Stars, Mammucari: “I told him he dances like a burnt log, there’s nothing wrong with that.” The brawl continues with Caprarica

The dispute between Teo Mammucari and Antonio Caprarica To Dancing with the stars continue to prevail. And on the other hand, in each season more than in the previous one, the dispute between the competitors and with the jury about the social interest (and one might assume also about the share) “reigns”. The former, a guest of, tried to “play down” the incident between the presenter and the journalist. Live life: “Did you hear what I said to Caprarica live on Dancing with the Stars? Yes, I’m referring to the comments about how he dances. Well, I repeated the same things when I went backstage to him. But there was a completely different reaction. I can say that it was much less elegant, but nothing major happened.” Mammucari also repeated what he said to Caprarica: “I said he danced like a burnt log and was a dog without legs. And don’t say I didn’t respect him. Because I didn’t touch the person there. As long as someone is talking about how another person dances, there is nothing wrong. I can touch anyone by saying they don’t dance well for me. Then another matter is personally offensive“. The journalist didn’t take the host’s words particularly well, on the contrary. A few days ago he explained: “It was a very heated discussion, with a very heated tone, in which I told him what I think, that I don’t think these jokes are worthy of someone who wants to do what he wants to do, Jokes from a “third-class comedian”.

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