Dad throws away two envelopes containing 2,000 euros that the grandparents had given to their daughter: the garbage collectors rummage through the trash for hours and find them

Christmas story with a happy ending a Albosaggiain the province Sondrio. In the small town of Lombardy, a father has to clean accidentally thrown away Two bags with inner parts in the trash 2000 Euro. Birthday and Christmas presents (received early) given to the ten-year-old daughter by her grandparents and uncle, which therefore risked being recycled along with the paper.

Risk yes, because that Sanitation workers They searched for hours for the two envelopes, one green and one salmon-colored, and finally managed to find all the gifts. The story with a happy ending was told by Corriere della Sera.

The man, the birthday boy's father, had to put the large amount into a savings account for future college expenses, but when he looked for the envelopes, “I realized they were no longer there” and that “I had thrown them away” by mistake “. After realizing the mistake, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, followed the garbage truck to the Cedrasco plant Ask the operators for help.

The employees of Secamthe company dealing with waste collection and the integrated water system in Valtellina, They immediately got to work. The safety manager unloaded the truck in a corner of the yard where the facility is located, and two workers began rummaging nearby five hundredweight of paper, partly already compacted. It was only after a few hours that the first envelope appeared, the one with 1,500 euros in it. However, there was no trace of the second one.

“I thought about that father’s face – says one of the operators – and how ashamed he was at the mistake. He was already so happy, but my conscience wouldn't allow me to give up. When the shift was over, I returned to the square and continued searching until I found the envelope with the remaining 500 euros. The operator then contacted the girl's father again, who had since returned home.

The man then thanked the company with a letter in which he praised the employees for the great sense of “responsibility, professionalism and honesty” that “enabled me to have a peaceful Christmas.”

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