“Cat Killer”: He picks her up on the street, takes her home and lets her die. Here comes the eviction from the Dwelling of Terror

He collects cats from the street, brings them home and he lets them die in the garbage and without the possibility of feeding. And that “cat killer“, a woman well known in the Roman district of San Giovanni both to the residents and to the animal welfare associations, but also to the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, who, as reported, is unfortunately known republic signedOrder to order the eviction and the “restoration to wholesome states” of the nightmare dwelling.

In 2017, the AMA had already collected 16 tons of rubbish during an earlier eviction, but the situation soon returned to normal. Many have documented me The cats try to save themselves by jumping from the first floor of the building or scratch the wood of the windows in search of salvation. In 2021, the woman, who previously worked as a psychologist in a prison, was again caught chasing cats in the capital. Therefore, on August 4, the mayor signed the decree for the sanitation of the House of Horrors, which provides for “the restoration of sanitary-sanitary conditions compatible with the human home, through disinfection and sanitation measures” and “the sanitation of places with evacuation and disposal ‘ defines all materials that are identifiable as waste. As for the cats in the home, however, they are scheduled for “hospitalization in alternative locations within 30 days of this regulation.”

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