Canary Islands to discover, beyond the “stars” of the archipelago

Someone fell in love with it so much that they returned every year for vacation and still found themselves constantly exposed to new places and places.

A Vacation on the Canary Islands It is always a different experience, because with every visit these little islands of wonder can be experienced and explored in a different way and discover completely new faces.

Canary Islands, where you always want to return

Much closer geographically Morocco that too Spain of which they are a part Canaries They are a true European paradise.

Thanks to a climate that remains mild and spring-like at all times of the year, they represent a destination that knows no seasonality and is perfect all year round.

This is also thanks to the rich and diverse heritage of beauty that extends across the various islands of the archipelago. Each of the Canary Islands is characterized by its own charm and characteristic elements that shape its character. Depending on the characteristics of each island, the Canary Islands prove that they can always be the potential favorite destination for any traveler and that they can guarantee a stay that will never be the same as the previous one.

Gran CanariaWith the richness of its history on the one hand and the many entertainment options on the other, it can delight both culture lovers and culture lovers nightlife unrestrained and of nightlife.

The die-hard fans of holiday at the sea You can use top locations like Fuerteventurawith its long, lost coastline and with beaches in different shapes and colors. There is room for strips of sand that are as white as sugar, but also for others that are the very black color of coal. Always lapped by a sea so clear that it is perfect for many Water activities and sports. The most athletic can use it to recharge their batteries Diving and divingand experience emotions on the surface of the water as you practice Surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Away from the water, the possibilities to make one Active holidays on the Canary Islands they are not missing. Places like La Gomera And Tenerife They are criss-crossed by networks of paths where you can hike and cycle.

On the Canary Islands it is possible to breathe pure air and experience direct contact with untouched nature. These corners of paradise, just a few hours’ flight from Italy, are treasure troves full of sand dunes, volcanoes, lunar landscapes and fresh pine forests. They are also home to colorful parrots and canaries and land to generous aloe plantations.

And for the real ones romantic? The Canary Islands are the kingdom of the most beautiful sunsets, seaside resorts and picturesque fishing villages to visit hand in hand. TO Lanzarote A glass of local wine to share with love accompanied by a platter of delicious island cheese is a must.

La Palma, the Canary Islands that you don’t expect (and that you will love madly)

In addition to the most famous islands in the archipelago, there are others that are still partly unexplored. Little “secret” gems that will definitely make you fall in love with the Canary Islands, like the new destination that Eden offers from autumn 2023. That’s it The Palm treethe northernmost island of the archipelago, lies about 80 km west of Tenerife and is also known as San Miguel de La Palma.

A fresh sea breeze, softened by the rays of the sun shining high in the sky, a wild and wonderfully harsh environment that gives you a great sense of adventure. A holiday on La Palma stands for freedom and contact with nature. An island where you can travel far and wide using the paths that wind through the greenery and stop at the numerous places mirador.

From these viewpoints you can enjoy a privileged view of the breathtaking landscape of La Palma. The island’s landscapes often reveal their warm souls volcanic, for example in the high cliffs formed by lava, in the black sand bays, in the volcanic craters. However, these monumental volcanic works on La Palma also give way to very green, verdant forests, nature reserves, cobalt blue waters where you can watch whales and dolphins by boat and natural pools where you can take a regenerating swim.

Nature is the undisputed protagonist on La Palma, but it would be an understatement to say that you can only treat yourself to a stay here Green. La Palma is the right place to enjoy all the colors, flavors and scents of the Canary Islands. The colors are those of the colorful ones Craft shopsthe flavors that the Groceries and gods local winesthe scents of sweets which represent a constant temptation for the palate.

A holiday on La Palma is always the right holiday, in every season and for all travelers. Even the most demanding!

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