Cabin crew strike

For the third time, Ryanair cabin crew fold their arms again over the strike called by the Spanish unions Uso and Sitcpla over the airline’s refusal, one of the best known for low-cost travel, to negotiate a new tariff agreement.

1,600 workers from the companies Ryanair, Crewlink and Workforce will go on strike around the clock from Monday to Thursday. The new closure comes on top of disruptions in late June and for most of July by Uso and Sitcpla, which caused cancellations and delays at airports. The strike will last until early January when many tourists travel.

Ryanair expects minimal disruption in Spain for next winter

Ryanair said it recently reached an agreement with Spain’s leading union CCOO over wages, rosters and allowances for its Spanish cabin crew. Recent strikes called by the acronyms Uso/Sitcpla have been poorly supported with minimal effect. Ryanair operated 3,000 daily flights (around 100,000 monthly) to/from Spain with less than 1% affected by labor unrest and Ryanair expects little disruption (if any) for next winter. Ryanair expects little (if any) disruption to its operations, even on days when these uso/sitcpla unions are conducting their ineffective and poorly supported actions.

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