Blanco to FQMagazine: “Sanremo and roses? I didn’t kill anyone, many marched on and threw shit* at a 20 year old. My fear? To be alone”

Three serenades in three cities of art like Venice, Florence and Naples. Blanco to start the second album”In love‘ he decided to busk with him Michelangelo to dedicate some of the unreleased tracks on the CD to passers-by. The images were immortalized by the director Upbeat Romanoff (same as Vasco Rossi) for a documentary film to be aired soon (probably on Prime Video) that will tell the making of “Innamorato”, including the trip to Bolivia where the album cover shot with Blanco in his underwear in the desert was taken Salar de UyunThe. Among the songs on the album, the duet stands out, as well as the new single “A little joy” with mine (The sophisticated black-and-white video is a clear homage to Alfred Hitchcock)the intense “lead to tears“, but also “Julia“, “In love” And “forgiveness“. Two live dates: Tuesday, July 4 at Olympic Stadium in Rome and Thursday, July 20 at San Siro Stadium in Milan. “I see this as a transitional album – Blanco tells us in Naples – and that’s what I wanted to release now. However, I don’t consider it synonymous with ‘Heavenly Bluebecause there are things on my first album that will always represent me”. In this meeting, one element stands out overwhelmingly: the disarming sincerity and the lack of filters.

How did the collaboration with Mina come about?
I always dreamed of working with her because she is an idol for me. The premise of my collaboration is that I want to share music with people I know that there could be a good exchange and something artistically valuable. One day I was in a meeting at my record company Universal and we were listening to a few songs. We had an early version of this song but it pissed me off but the record companies said it was good. And here I have to clarify one thing…

If there’s a song I don’t like but gets promoted by record companies instead, it’s always successful (laughs, edit). At this point, however, we considered a collaboration and I fired Mina’s name. They almost all sent me to hell. But Paul Zanotti (Island Records A&R Manager, edit) sent an email to Massimiliano Pani and from there we found ourselves in the studio in Lugano.

did you meet her
No, we recorded at two different times, but it’s better this way. I’m of the school of thought that it’s better not to know your own myths. Anyway Her nephew told me that she would be there with my things: The first time she listened to me was when her nephew played her the acoustic version of ‘Sleepless nights‘ which she loved.

And when you finished the piece, what was your reaction?
I remember being in a hotel in Milan and going to the bathroom. Paolo sent me the song and I froze (laughs, edit). I remember saying to Michelangelo for several minutes, almost enchanted, “It’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true”.

tortured soul‘ tells of your balance between rationality and instinct. As in Sanremo with trampled roses. What happened?
Already during the rehearsals ofThe island of roses‘ I reported that there had been some audio technical problems. What about ‘didn’t happen’chills‘ which I actually sang with no problem, even though I heard something there first.

But did you report the issue during the live broadcast?
Right at the beginning. I even took off the headphones, I couldn’t hear my voice, no speakers were pointed at the stage, just the rumble from the hall two seconds late. So either you go out of time or you don’t listen. I was angry, even though I had to do such a performance, I had to split the rose, if not like that, then the situation slipped by handor. I mentioned that there were problems a full four times. Except they didn’t say that because they’re paraculi. They tell you, ‘eh, but it was enough to raise your hand’, but that’s not true.

Because there are TV times that have to be observed. I still apologized with a song.You are wrong‘ (was not put on disk, edit) for what I did to all the people who were offended. But the truth is, you can’t be yourself on TV. I haven’t killed anyone, but they say you’ve caused moral harm to people. There was even talk of imprisonment from one to five years (in relation to the investigations by the public prosecutor of Imperia, edit). In the end if this thing really happened I would be happy because at least people can see how far behind we are on this matter politically.

Why all this chaos caused by trampled roses?
But it wasn’t. Aside from Amadeus, who was very good and understanding with me, a lot of people played this thing because it created hype. They brought us in for throwing shit at a 20-year-old boy.

lead to tearsis about the pain of losing something important. What inspired you to write this song?
The fear of being abandoned by the person I love.

Are you afraid of being alone?
Very very much. I need someone to share my feelings and journey with. When I’m alone, I prefer to write songs.

My family‘ represents the safe haven to seek refuge in bad moments. Have you had lows because of the success?
I’ve always liked simple things, I prefer to do things calmly, even just to go to the markets. Money takes away your vices, but you can’t stand there and wait for happiness to come. Because that’s not how it works. It’s something I discovered after success.

What is success for you?
If I had succeeded without breaking my balls it would have been incredible. In fact, success is made up of many small things. I understand that an outside person may not know or understand this. But also a performance in Sanremo is something that you prepare months in advance, there is a lot of work behind it, there is a band, many people working around you. It’s enough for me to live on small things and to do them well.

And how do you experience popularity?
I love it when someone stops me and says “hey hi, let’s go get a drink”. On the other hand, I don’t like people who secretly make videos where you say or do the wrong thing and then end up in controversy.

Julia‘ is dedicated to your ex. What relationship did you stay in?
We don’t talk, also because my fiancee… (laughs, edit) Seriously, it’s dedicated to the time when we broke up with a lot of journalists – some are sons of bitches – they put false words in her mouth just to get out in the papers. She herself was in trouble and we even talked about it.

Is it true that you are superstitious?
I have my mega superstitious trips. There are things I still do today, but I can’t reveal them.

But you can tell us something!
I used to go to the window nine times before bed and yell “no”. For me it was a way to get rid of negativity and indeed I slept peacefully. Then when I woke up, I sent three kisses to the window.

Do you believe in God?
I have all my faith in my head and I certainly believe in something higher than all of us, although I don’t call myself a Christian.

What do you say to those who criticize you that you have no singing technique?
Sure, there are 200 million people who sing better than me, but I always think it depends on how you sing things and how you interpret them. You have to convey something. Technically there are very good singers in Italy, but they don’t broadcast anything.

Have you ever thought about betting on manufacturers other than Michelangelo one day?
I really like to experiment and whatever I do again, production wise it will happen slowly with a smooth transition.

what is your mission
My goal is always to tell as many people as possible about my music. However, I never want this goal to make me unhappy. Because I would always be happy anyway, even at the expense of the music.

have you ever said no
Yes, I said no to collaborations and other things.

Do you set limits to your artistic expression?
Basically no. However, it has to be said that in Italy people don’t understand if you do something differently. There are standards that have to be respected, like the open chorus that everyone sings and the emotional bridges. There are some things I don’t do and I stop first because I understand that even my family wouldn’t understand them and they wouldn’t be broadcast on the radio. Also, I don’t risk it because I know how to slowly build my credibility with a growth path. So, for example, if I wanted to do hip hop one day, I would do it in a well-defined way.

How come you introduced ‘In love‘ in the three art cities of Venice, Florence and Naples?
I wanted to get drunk and then go sing (laughs, edit). kidding aside. The concept was to do romantic serenades on the piano or guitar and suggest some songs from my record.

Have you ever serenaded?
Yes, it happened four years ago in Sirmione. There was a friend of mine who wanted to hit on some girls. So we started singing ‘Very tanned‘ under the balcony of the house where the girls lived, with a guitar that the restaurateur nearby lent us.

How did it go?
I would say quite well (smiles mischievously, edit)

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