“Bet case? Let professionalism take on this challenge.”

Minister Andrea Abodi spoke during the Orientamenti 2023 event in GenoaSpeaking about the case of football betting during the festival visit: “We too are doomed to deal with falls and that is why what matters is how we deal with such difficult moments: with clarity, with the desire to solve the problem, even if the problem is unlikely to be solved. Obviously it is.” It is proof that we need to work a lot more on training and skills, including at a professional level. There is room for improvement.”

The minister also explained: “When a professional falls, there is also the risk that he will misinterpret the whole world that sees professionalism as an example, and this is why.” We determine the order of tasks. This won’t solve the problem, but it is another contribution to self-determination. In addition to signing the classic contract of a football player or sports professional, in which the rights and obligations are often much clearer, the professional must read and sign this charter of duties, in the hope that other factors of social fragility do not intervene. because it is clear that here we are at the level of old and new pathologies that we must combat.”

Abodi concluded that “gambling addiction is an issue that unfortunately affects and overwhelms millions of Italians, and in particular many young people, and that it is all the more important that this level of professionalism is able to face this challenge and to combat these forms of addiction that are certainly affected.” uneducational. They are worried and we do not allow ourselves to be discouraged by the difficulties, we face them with enthusiasm, with determination, without hypocrisy but with the greatest possible transparency and we also want there to be no silence, that is, for things to come to light , because the problems are faced with this spirit.

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