At Alfonso Signorini’s party, Oriana Marzoli and Elenoire Ferruzzi quarreled: “You licked my butt until two days ago”

The “Vipponi” are still arguing a few months after the end Big Brother VIP. It is so Elenoire Ferruzzi and Oriana Marzoliwho became the protagonists of a quarrel (real or suspected, who knows) on the birthday of Alfonso Signorini. In fact, the host of the reality show invited to his party the protagonists of the recently ended edition and some faces from previous seasons, including Alex Belli and Valeria Marini. However, by the time the cake was cut, there may have been tension between Elenoire and Oriana.

WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN ELENOIRE FERRUZZI AND ORIANA MARZOLI – As Giacomo Urtis’ Live Instagram attests, while all the guests were ready to celebrate Signorini, the two former competitors had a question and answer that captivated the show’s ever-catfighting fans. In the clip, Marzoli can be heard yelling, “Darling, you used to kiss my ass until two days ago!“. Then the reference to Daniele Dal Moro: “He is my friend”. Ferruzzi replied: “But who ever shagged you?”. There are people on social networks who think the tones are ironic, also because Oriana laughs while addressing Elenoire. Someone else, on the other hand, thinks there was real trouble as both are interested in Daniele.

THE REASONS FOR THE SMALL – As Biccy reports, the reasons for the dispute are likely to be different. Ferruzzi himself told Giacomo Urtis what had happened: “So he said to me, ‘I’m going in front’.” I told hero ‘But where the hell are you going that you’re a…?“. If that were the case, it would all have started with a trivial question of what place to sit around the birthday boy’s cake at the time of the photo.

DANIELE DAL MORO BETWEEN TWO FIREWORKS – There has never been a great feeling between Elenoire Ferruzzi and Oriana Marzoli. Although they didn’t meet in the house, since Oriana entered when Elenoire was already eliminated, there is bad blood between them. The reason? Clearly Daniele Dal Moro. Ferruzzi has repeatedly stated that, in her opinion, the competitor did not only feel friendship with her. However, Dal Moro has always denied this and began a story with Oriana during the show that continues to this day.

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