After the Fatto article, Confindustria President Bonomi’s non-existent “degree” disappears from his Wikipedia profile

On September 17th at 6:17 a.m. someone became active on the page Wikipedia Dedicated to the President of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi. And he dropped the beginning of the sentence about his early days as a studio worker Accountant: Until then, the web encyclopedia was “after the Degree in Economics and Business.” Then, early in the afternoon, another user added: “Dropping out of college.” The changes came after reading theArticle by Completed It tells how Bonomi, after arriving in Viale dell’Astronomia at the end of his assignment, intends to be appointed President of the Board of Directors of Luiss, the Confindustria University. A position that, however, even by law, requires a qualification at least equivalent to the degree he lacks.

Bonomi has never denied the news that he has a degree, which was reported by many newspapers over time and was also mentioned in his personal profile on Wikipedia (left) until September 17th. But the minutes of two meetings of the Fiera Milano Spaof which he is chairman, are not lying: at two meetings a shareholder asked what his title was and was told that he did not have a degree.

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