Adele pauses concert when she hears news of Matthew Perry’s death: ‘I’ll remember this character for the rest of my life’ – VIDEO

Adele has interrupted his concert at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to offer this to the public News of the death of actor Matthew Perry, found lifeless in his home in Los Angeles. At some point, the British pop star stopped the show and dedicated a special moment to the star “Friends“: “I will remember this character for the rest of my lifeAdele told fans, referencing the famous role of Chandler Bing that Perry played on the series Friends. Then, Adele in Morticia Adams costume continued with regards to the upcoming Halloween party: “He’s probably the best comedy character of all time.”

As the crowd moved, Adele approached the audience and asked them to share their fondest childhood memories: “When I was about 12 years old, one of my friends, Andrew, did the best impression of Chandler. He did it all the time to make us laugh. If one of us had a bad day or felt bad, we would just pretend to be Chandler,” he said, recalling an anecdote from his past.

Then she, who publicly announced her decision to quit drinking earlier this year, addressed the topic of Matthew Perry’s struggles with him Alcohol and opioid addictioni, issues that were known and documented by the actor himself, who had openly shared his experiences with sobriety. Adele praised Perry’s courageous outspokenness on these issues, pointing to his 2022 memoir titled “Friends, lovers and the big terrible thing“:”He was so open about his struggles with addiction and sobrietywhich, in my opinion, was incredibly, incredibly brave,” he concluded to general emotion, before continuing to sing to the applause of those present.

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