Abuse of office, the Lega gives the green light for decriminalization: Nordio Bongiorno agreement

Here comes the OK from the league to Decriminalization of abuse of office. We find out at the end of a two-hour session of the seal keeper in the Senate Charles Nordiothe President of the Judiciary Commission Julia Bongiorno and the Undersecretary of State Andrea Ostellari (both league players). The minister announced a comprehensive reform of criminal offenses against public administration, which will therefore include the (at least de facto) abolition of the offencesArticle 323 of the Criminal CodeNordio’s Historical Goal shared by come on italy and from (was) third poleduring the Carroccio e brothers of Italy They would have liked a further restriction of the scope of the rule of the rule. “Today I had a long and fruitful meeting with Minister Nordio and Under-Secretary Ostellari on the justice package. The League endorses the introduction of a set of guaranteed measures This also includes the precautionary measures provided for in the referendum, the appeal and the interception measures. “Green light also for the decisions on the crime of abuse of office in light of the minister’s intention to reconsider the whole issue of crimes against public administration,” Bongiorno said.

On abuse of office, there are also three parliamentary initiatives that are being discussed in the Chamber’s Judiciary Commission: two of them (C. 645​ Pittalis and C. 654​ Enrico Costa) propose precisely deleting the 323 Mayors have been asking for years. Repealing or emptying the law – which has already been amended three times in a restrictive sense, the last in 2020 – would be unique in Europe and would risk exposing Italy to the challenge of an offense under international criminal law: the existence of this case in our legal system is it actually tied to one UN conventionThe Merida Convention against Corruption, which reads in Article 19: “Each State Party shall consider adopting legislative measures on transfer character of a crime to the fact for an official of abuse their duties or from one’s own position, i.e. to perform or refrain from doing something in the performance of one’s duties, an unlawful actin order to obtain an unjustified advantage for oneself or another natural or legal person”.

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