“A record in mid-August. 14 million people on vacation, 61% on the beach”

A sold-out mid-August in what promises to be for Italian tourism, with the return of foreigners and the “loyalty” of compatriots, our country returns to its pre-pandemic flow records.

From the data collected fromConfcommercio Observatory in cooperation with the observatory SWG extensionthe holidays of 14 million Italians out of the 22 million traveling this month are concentrated in the two central weeks, from August 8th to 21st.

Four out of ten Italians are simply looking for relaxation, while for another four, holidays are much more active: visiting new places, having fun and immersing themselves in nature. Outside of 11 billion euros in total expenditure which in one out of two cases is the main holiday of 7 or more days.

There is therefore room to offer different types of destinations, 83% national, although 26% of the sample choose to go abroad for longer holidays. Starting from the sea, the undisputed protagonist, capturing 61% of demand; the mountains follow with 23%, while cities of art and small villages now host almost 20% of Italians on vacation.

However, in the summer of records, entrepreneurs in the tourism and restaurant sectors continue to struggle to find workers in useful numbers to meet the greater demand associated with the summer and its peak on August 15th. The figures are written by the Fondazione Studi Consultanti del Lavoro: against a request from almost 50,000 seasonal workers, 46% are nowhere to be found (about 22,000).

But that is not the only critical point. The employer who managed to find cooks and waiters would – according to the consultants – deal with extensive information during the recruitment phase that would have to be compiled and sent to the employee, as required by the Transparency Decree implementing Community Directive 1152/2019 , which will take effect on the eve of August 15th.


Italians and tourists on vacation

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