“A more suitable location had to be found for Scott”

Minister Sangiuliano gave his opinion on the controversy surrounding the American rapper’s performance at the Circus Maximus, stressing that the protection of assets and heritage “is our mission, as enshrined in Article 9 of the Constitution. We must be proud of our heritage and for it.” We are doing everything we can to preserve it. But we must also work to make our sites living and usable places, of course with all the necessary precautions. From museums to archaeological sites. Of course, this does not apply to sensitive areas and those unsuitable for hosting events. Circus Maximus, on the other hand, historically doesn’t fall into that category and has always hosted guests big and small.”

This is what the culture minister said in an interview with La Repubblica on the controversy surrounding the Travis Scott concert. “It is important to comply with the technical requirements that go hand in hand with the organization of this or that event,” he explains. “It would be wrong to act in a biased manner and not examine each individual case.” In recent months, “I have appreciated the scientific seriousness and rigor of Director Alfonsina Russo and found her concerns to be reasonable, based on technical and administrative skills.”


Circus Maximus: Travis Scott Concert

Travis Scott is a successful artist and needs to be able to exhibit in Rome but I think finding a more suitable venue for his shows would have been better. The city of Rome has a lot to offer.” However, for the Circus Maximus “I would not set any limits to the artistic classificationwe limit ourselves to classical music or ballet.” In the Civil Code “there is a character they call the ‘good family man’. It means common sense, careful consideration of the consequences, but also avoiding biased prejudices.”

Compared to the Travis Scott concert, “there were precise black-and-white provisions in the agreements that were flouted.” Now “the responsible offices will make their assessments. On August 15, I will bring together all the directors-general of the ministry,” he stresses. “Appointment at 11 a.m., among the many subjects we will also talk about.”

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