77% of the rooms are booked for the weekend

“Tourism is moving twice as fast as other economic sectors in the country. This was confirmed by the trend towards Easter and the April 25 long weekend. In the meantime, we have to wait several days for a final April balance sheet. The long weekend on May 1st also marks important numbers with over 4.8 million overnight stays expected in Italian accommodation establishments‘ he writes in a press release Assoturismo Confesercenti.

Market drivers are once again the popular art cities, but there was also a strong interest in hill and lake locations. A good recovery is expected for coastal and mountain resorts compared to the April 25 long weekend. In total The average saturation rate recorded on the booking platforms is 77% of availabilitymeaning what 7 points more than the same period in 2019‘ the note continues. “Based on the results of the monitoring, there will also be a significant tourist movement for the coming weekend, which will affect all types of offers in our country, albeit with different trends. Not only cities and art centers, where average saturation rates of 86% are estimated, but also lake and hill areas, both with an average rate of 80%. The presence in the structures of seaside resorts (74%) and mountain resorts (69%) increased by a few points. The movement of holidaymakers is more felt in the north-east and central regions (average rate of 80%), while for the north-west and the south islands the average saturation is 76% and 71% respectively,” he adds in the note from Assoturismo Confesercenti.

Among the regions of Lazio (89%) and Campania (84%) They are the most booked. Especially for Campania, the possible early participation in the Napoli championship weighs heavily, which attracts streams of tourists from other parts of Italy. According to estimates from the study by Confesercenti Campania, around 250,000 tourists will arrive in Campania this long weekend, with a turnover of around 54 million euros between direct and indirect income,” the document also points out.

“The strategic plan presented by the Ministry of Tourism is good – the words of Vittorio Messina, President of Assoturismo Confesercenti – This is the time to bet seriously on the Italian brand, on tourism and on the companies in the sector, which make this sector grow twice as fast as any other sector. The numbers tell us that Italy has returned to the level it was before the pandemic: we have a duty to support this growth phase of tourism, the real driving force of the country, with all our strength and with all the necessary resources.

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