63% of Italian families struggle to make ends meet, the European average is 45.5%

Italy is the only one among major European countries (France, Germany and Spain) where the proportion of families reporting at least some difficulty making ends meet in 2022 is above 63%. This is what Eurostat states, i.e. theStatistical Office of the European Union whose task is to publish statistics and quality indicators allowing comparisons between countries and regions of the Member States.

The breakdown by country shows how this works the percentage of families who report that they cannot easily make ends meet In 2022, it ranges from less than a quarter in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Luxembourg to 80.3% in Bulgaria and 89.6% in Greece. In Italy, according to the Eurostat study, at least 63% of all families are in difficulty, significantly higher than the figures in France, Poland, Spain and Portugal. The European average is 45.5%..

To formulate the data, the study considered six indicators of the ability to make ends meet: The scale ranges from “very easy” to “very difficult”.

On European level says the Eurostat report: “Between 2021 and 2022, the percentage of families able to make ends meet will increase.” very slightly or slightly reduced, from 27.3% to 24.1%; at the other end of the range, the percentage of families affected severe difficulties in making ends meet fell slightly from 7.0% to 6.8%. Between these extremes lies the proportion of families that manage to make ends meet it rose very slightly from 29.6% to 30.3%while the proportion of families reporting Some difficulties and overall difficulty increased from 36.0% to 38.7%

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