While I was preparing for Expo 2015, I was battling cancer

In 2014, the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, was the sole client preparing the world exhibition. But at the same time He battled a recurrence of the tumor what had impressed him at the age of 39. He tells it himself in one new episode of the podcast series “Tre Desideri”, a cultural project with which the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors (Lilt) of Milan Monza Brianza has decided to celebrate World Cancer Day on Sunday February 4th. “I want to tell something that, in my case, I have never told before in the hope that it will be useful to others,” says Sala Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has relapsed“.

“In these 25 years – explains the mayor of Milan – I had two relapses. The last, perhaps most difficult moment of my life was in 2014, a year after the opening of the Expo. The situation was difficult: we were late and the Expo was in doubt. I did one of the routine checkups and they diagnosed recurrence of the disease. I'm saying it for the first time today: While I was fighting for the Expo and showing confidence, I was undergoing light chemotherapy. I confess that at this moment I asked myself: Am I strong enough to handle all of this? And these are the questions to which you never have a definite answer. But you can do it, you have to do it.

In the podcast, Sala talks about the regular check-ups and psychological care that helped him, but also about how the tumor changed his life. “I felt real helplessness, but The fact that I don't necessarily have to prove that I'm the strongest keeps me grounded todaysays Sala. The testimony is the focus of the sixth episode of “Tre Desideri”, the 12-part series narrated by the journalist Daniela Ducoli, who went through the same experience as the protagonists.

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