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After confirming the entry of Vittorio Sgarbi in the register of suspects for the alleged crime of laundering cultural property, resulting from the investigations carried out Reports with Daily fact Following the theft of a painting by Rutilio Manetti (attributed by journalists to the Ferrara art critic), many called for his resignation from the post of Undersecretary of Culture. “Claims” have so far been sent back to the sender by Sgarbi, who always declared himself to be uninvolved in the facts attributed to him and – via social media – expressed polemical irony towards those who would like to “hit” him.

Vittorio Sgarbi resigns as undersecretary of state

However, the position is now changing: on the sidelines of an event in Milan on the afternoon of February 2nd, the Undersecretary of State announced that he wanted to resign with immediate effect from the most prestigious institutional position among his many offices. “I’ll step back and do it for you.” explained Sgarbi, informing that in the next few hours he will officially inform Giorgia Meloni of his decision by writing her a letter. A step back to the way the art critic is used to us – “a coup de theater“, he defines it – annoyed by the “rudeness” of theAntitrust lawguilty of having delivered him”a very complex and confusing letter saying that he had received two anonymous letters from the Minister of Culture saying that I could not hold a conference at Nicola Porro's(The very event from which he is announcing his retirement today). In this specific case, the reference refers to the – obviously irreconcilable – dispute with the minister, whose undersecretary Sgarbi was previously, and which arose last autumn after further revelations by Fatto Quotidiano about the critic's paid side jobs (about the incompatibility of which the Cartel Office was up to now must decide by February 15, 2024). Gennaro Sangiuliano it has been said “outraged.”

Dismissal from chairmanship of the Canova Foundation

Amid dissatisfaction within the government, the opposition is increasingly pushing to demand Sgarbi's dismissal from the post of undersecretary of state (now the first to “celebrate” the resignation are the representatives of the 5 Star Movement: “Today is a good day for the reputation of the institutions and for Italy's image abroad“), had also been added in the last few hours at the end of the office as President of the Canova Onlus Foundationdue to the non-renewal approved by the mayor of Possagno, Valerio Favero. The mayor of Antonio Canova's hometown now underlines a decision that was already made before the investigation against Sgarbi and emphasizes that “What we saw on television was not very edifying“.
I'm leaving again and from now on I can go on television and give lectures“, explained the resigning Secretary of State – who still holds an institutional role as mayor of Arpino and holds other positions at Italian cultural foundations and museums – at the end of his speech in Milan. Let's hope for a good name for the next Undersecretary of State.

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