Vittorio Sgarbi from the banned conferences to the stolen painting to his resignation: from October to today, all phases of our investigation

It all started on October 24, 2023, when Il Fatto Quotidiano reported on Vittorio Sgarbi's very rich conference earnings (Laws), all in defiance of the law that prohibits members of the executive branch from engaging in “professional activities in matters relating to government offices.” Since almost three months have passed, the journalistic investigations have become two, just like the police investigations into the State Secretary's affairs: one into the Rutilio Manetti stolen from the castle Buriasco (Sgarbi is being investigated for money laundering), the other about the masterpiece of Valentin de Boulogne which was intended to be sold abroad, which brought Sgarbi a charge of illegal export of cultural property. In between insults to the journalists from Fatto and Report who carried out the investigations, behavior considered inappropriate even by center-right parliamentarians and, above all, the endless resistance from the critic. Until today, when Vittorio Sgarbi decided to resign after being presented with a letter from the Antitrust Office effectively certifying that he should not and should not have held these conferences during his time in government. Here is the complete story of these three months, with all articles by Thomas Mackinson and the Everyday event to this topic.

OCTOBER 23, 2023
Sgarbi, golden fee in defiance of the law: €300,000 in 9 months

OCTOBER 25, 2023
Sgarbi case, Minister Sangiuliano: “I gave everything to the cartel office and Meloni is also informed”

Sangiuliano denies Sgarbi: “I haven't written anything to him, I haven't heard anything from him. The last phone call before the examination”

OCTOBER 25, 2023
Sgarbi, there are favors and dubious refunds here

OCTOBER 26, 2023
All of Sgarbi's lies: from the cartel office to the minister

OCTOBER 26, 2023
“Regular refund!” Yesterday he had it canceled

OCTOBER 27, 2023
“Find a sponsor: you must give Vittorio at least 3,000 euros”

OCTOBER 28, 2023
“Sgarbi’s consulting is a structured activity, there are incompatibilities”

OCTOBER 29, 2023
Communities are running away from Sgarbi (who lies on TV about who pays him)

OCTOBER 30, 2023
Sgarbi counters by blaming the reporter. But he is the one who defames

OCTOBER 31, 2023
Sgarbi harasses drivers and loads paintings into the trunk

NOVEMBER 1, 2023
Sgarbi, the driver left behind at the gas station, speaks: “He wanted my silence for 1,500 euros.”

NOVEMBER 1, 2023
Sgarbi in the sights of the cartel office: “These are not occasional activities”

NOVEMBER 2, 2023
Case Sgarbi, Passigli (antitrust expert): “The Undersecretary of State silenced the companies, a problem for him at the Agcm”

NOVEMBER 4, 2023
Sgarbi received 1,500 euros for appraising paintings: “No response, never seen invoices…”

NOVEMBER 9, 2023
Sgarbi like Caligula: He makes his driver a city councilor

NOVEMBER 21, 2023
“Sgarbi, cash envelopes and business center in the ministry”

The authority expands the investigation against Sgarbi: “Checks on books”

DECEMBER 15, 2023
Vittorio Sgarbi and the painting that resurfaces in 2021 with a retouch: Manetti's 17th century painting stolen in 2013 looks exactly like his

DECEMBER 16, 2023
Sgarbi and the stolen canvas, the carabinieri in the castle of the “crime”

DECEMBER 17, 2023
Stolen canvas, Sgarbi warns Rai: “The report must be stopped”

DECEMBER 19, 2023
“Stolen” painting, Sgarbi blames the restorer (to whom he owes a lot of money)

DECEMBER 20, 2023
Sgarbi: No reaction to the stolen painting. But he wants 2 million from Fatto and Report

JANUARY 5, 2024
The HD photo that frames Sgarbi: His canvas is stolen

JANUARY 6, 2024
Sgarbi and the stolen Manetti: “The HD copy was exhibited”

JANUARY 6, 2024
Vittorio Sgarbi, the “stolen” painting and the HD copy. He defends himself: “Bad reproductions and lies.” Here is the video in the lab that highlights him

JANUARY 7, 2024
In the report video, the holes and “stains” on the stolen canvas match those of the Undersecretary of State

JANUARY 9, 2024
Theft of cultural property. State Secretary Sgarbi is currently under investigation

JANUARY 9, 2024
Sgarbi tries to defend himself: “No warning, investigative secrecy violated.” Public prosecutor confirms: investigation into money laundering

JANUARY 10, 2024
Did the candle cover up the theft? Recycling is now available for Sgarbi

JANUARY 11, 2024
The craftsman denies Sgarbi: “I have never seen this canvas”

JANUARY 12, 2024
“Sgarbi exposed Manetti’s copy, lies about us to divert the investigation”

JANUARY 12, 2024
“Ladròn de cuadros?”: The news that Sgarbi is being investigated goes around the world. And international newspapers underline Giorgia Meloni's silence

JANUARY 13, 2024
The raid on Sgarbi's houses: the “stolen” canvas was confiscated

JANUARY 14, 2024
Sgarbi tries to prevent the report episode from being broadcast: not only Manetti's screen, but also the investigations conducted with Fatto are expanding

JANUARY 14, 2024
On the other screen, Sgarbi tries to “deceive” by passing off a dead man as the owner

JANUARY 14, 2024
An entrepreneur also links the stolen painting to Sgarbi

JANUARY 15, 2024
The lawyer requests that the seizure be lifted. In the chamber the resistance to Sangiuliano's silence

JANUARY 20, 2024
The case also reaches the New York Times: “The Italian government is silent”

JANUARY 22, 2024
Money, investigations, lies and stupidity: the ten reasons to fire Sgarbi

JANUARY 26, 2024
Sgarbi bought the masterpiece (in black) for just 10,000 euros

JANUARY 28, 2024
“Now I’m getting the dick out…”: Vittorio Sgarbi loses control in the report. And he attacks the journalist: “If he dies, I’ll be happy”

JANUARY 29, 2023
The video of Sgarbi insulting the Report journalist: “If you die in a traffic accident, I will be happy”

JANUARY 30, 2024
Sgarbi, the 10 lies about paintings: If it's an undersecretary of state

JANUARY 31, 2024
Sgarbi, the vote on the revocation motion has been postponed to February 15th (the day on which the antitrust office is expected). Pd and M5: “They hide so as not to decide”

JANUARY 31, 2024
Silvestri (M5s): “The majority postpones and runs away. Serious matter, the country’s credibility is at stake.”

JANUARY 31, 2024
Snubs ranging from insults to death wishes to reporters: “inappropriate behavior” for center-right MPs. But when it comes to the revocation motion, everyone says: “I will vote the way the party tells me.”

JANUARY 31, 2024
Vittorio Sgarbi will no longer be president of the Canova Foundation. That's why the mayor of Possagno torpedoed him

FEBRUARY 2, 2024
Sgarbi gives up after the “Fatto” investigation: “I am resigning, I will write a letter to Meloni.” According to antitrust law, I cannot give conferences.

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