Vittorio Calabrese is leaving the management of the Magazzino Italian Art Museum in New York

Italian art warehouse, an exhibition space created for Italian artworks from the second half of the 20th century on the other side of the Atlantic, opened in 2017 just outside New York on the banks of the Hudson (Cold Spring), about fifty kilometers north of the city . An ambitious project born from the will of Giorgio Spanu And Nancy OlnickCollectors who pay particular attention to the Arte Povera movement.

The development of Magazzino's Italian art in New York

As a testament to the couple's commitment to promoting Italian art beyond the country's borders, in fall 2023 the museum doubled its space and opened a new pavilion designed by the architects to the public Alberto Campo Baeza And Miguel Quismondo, which, in addition to the sightseeing route, hosted temporary exhibitions (current focus on Carlo Scarpa and Ettore Spalletti) on the works of the founders' permanent collection. A few months earlier, Magazzino had named the Germano Celant Research Center on the occasion of the third anniversary of the death of the art critic and historian, who was considered to have played an essential role in defining Arte Povera. Since its beginnings, the journey of Magazzino Italian Art, today the only US museum entirely dedicated to Italian art (supported by a charitable foundation), has been followed Vittorio Calabrese, has led the center since its founding. Now, however, the paths diverge.

Vittorio Calabrese, Director of Magazzino Italian Art. Courtesy of Magazzino Italian Art, New York. Photo Montse Zamorano © 2016

Vittorio Calabrese resigns from the management of Magazzino Italian Art

This was announced by Calabrese himself, who stepped down from the role of founding director and expressed his gratitude.for a trip that was nothing short of extraordinaryand thanked “Nancy and Giorgio for their unwavering trust and cooperation“.
The success of Magazzino” he explains as he says goodbye “is a testament to the collective passion and commitment of each individual committed to promoting Italian art and culture in the United States“. A commitment that “He turned a vision into reality“, thanks also to artists and scientists who believed in the project. “It has been a privilege to serve in this role for nearly a decade“ concludes Calabrese “and I look forward to witnessing the growth of Magazzino's Italian art in the world of contemporary art“.
Calabrese was born in Irpinia and educated between Milan and the United States. He complemented his studies in management and business administration with those of the history of modern and contemporary art, bringing to the Magazzino his skills in curation, administrative management and relations with the world of art research and institutions.

Filippo Fossati is the new director of Magazzino Italian Art

It's up to him to take the baton Filippo Fossatinew director of Magazzino Italian Art, to whom Calabrese expresses:total trust“. It's up to him to lead the museum to the next chapter. The gallery owner and writer Fossati, originally from Turin, grew up in a family of artists, historians and art dealers. In 1988 he opened his first gallery in Turin and in 1996 he co-founded the Esso Gallery in New York, created to promote Italian art (in 2009, when the exhibition spaces closed, Esso became a publishing and consulting company for collectors and curators) ; He has organized numerous exhibitions in private and public spaces around the world and is also involved in the management of archives and artists' studios as well as advising international private collections.

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