Tumors, North at the top for “above threshold” centers, South on the rise

In our country Approximately 46% of hospitals perform oncology surgeries below the threshold, which means they use the scalpel too rarely. For breast cancer, for example, the threshold is 150 operations per year. This means that below this threshold, the center cannot offer the same safety and quality of results as centers with procedures above the expected threshold. Aside from that, Only 13 Italian institutions have a treatment path whose quality is certified by Oeci (Organization of European Cancer Institutes).

The positive thing about it is From 2017 to 2022, the number of “subthreshold” hospitals decreased by over 16%, from 5,670 to 4,747. At the same time, there was a decrease in the volume of oncological surgical procedures in “subthreshold” hospitals: from 57,419 operations in 2017 (29% of total operations) to 47,230 in 2022 (23% of total operations).

The new updated “Where I get treated” mappresented by Ropi (Italian Network of Patient Oncology) at Ministry of Health and prepared based on the data of the latest results of the National Program Agenasis based on two criteria: in addition to exceeding the threshold of surgical volumes that, according to scientific evidence, are associated with the best results, those hospitals are named in which there is a treatment path whose quality is certified with the Oeci “stamp”.

“Like every year, our menu is aimed at this Help patients and their families navigate healthcare facilities that perform oncology surgeries – explained Stefania Gori, President of Ropi and Aigom (Italian Association of Multidisciplinary Oncology Groups). “This year we added another one PieceThe in relation to the care pathway“Aware that quantitative data alone is not enough to provide a correct and complete statement about the quality of a hospital.”

Agenas Recently presented the Fifth national survey on the status of implementation of regional oncology networkswhich takes into account a series of indicators related to the seven main oncological pathologies, he recalled Domenico MantoanManaging Director of Agenas.

However, the north-south divide remains unchangedwith the north in which Most regions have hospitals that are above the threshold for all 17 pathologies considered, and the south, where only 3 regions (Puglia, Campania and Sicily) cover all pathologies,” underlines Nicolis. There are also the numbers Assessments related to the quality of the care pathway.

Confirm the importance of the quality of care pathways and also Massimo CarliniPresident of the Italian Society of Surgery (Sic): “The decrease in complications and mortality also depends on the quality of postoperative care, which is more related to some specific characteristics of the hospital than to the number of operations performed.”

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