The Stellantis case or our government's confused weakness of ideas

The antiquated idea of ​​which our President of the Council of Ministers is firmly convinced Giorgia Meloniwhich, as Portalis (the man appointed by Napoleon to write the very civil French Civil Code of 1804) noted, “the empire goes to the sovereign and the property to private individuals”, has received the most sensational criticism in recent days disputed: The StellantisOnce Fiat, which had benefited from billions in aid from the Italian state and then moved to the Netherlands, where it has been paying taxes for some time (like many Italian private companies), proposed to our government to give one “Attraction” to the Italians who are buying more electric cars and makes it clear that otherwise the company would have had to close its three industries producing in our country.

A inappropriate interference in our economic policy, which could only happen because mercantilist cynicism is dominated by those who, like us, sold themselves for little money and follow them Liberalizations And Privatizationsthe immense industrial capital that the post-war generations had accumulated.

Faced with such an invitation, Meloni appeared stunned and amazed and replied, in line with the neo-capitalist theories in which she firmly believes that every company must act according to the rules of “Competition” and cannot advise a foreign state to promote its own production.

The Minister of Made in Italy, Urso, has the same opinion and emphasizes how much it is illogical Grant incentives to foreign automobile industries that build in Italy with Italian workers and then sell the cars produced to the Italians themselves as if they came from abroad. It could just as well be that Italy takes part in Stellantis' share capital, perhaps with a minimal equity stake.

The finance minister represents a completely different front Giorgettiwhich calls on the European Union to change its approach, otherwise cars would be produced by China and India in about ten years.

In short, it escapes everyone that the cause of all evil lies in the fact that the single dominant thought of neoliberalism has changed the very concept of the economy, which has become from an “economy of exchange” to an “economy of competition”. on their basis The winner takes everything And whoever loses has no choice but to exit the market.

Based on this economic view, it is extremely clear that in order to win in competition, the entrepreneur must, first of all reduce costs; that among these the highest costs to be reduced are the compensation the worker; that the fall in wages reduces the money in circulation; that this reduction limits the circle of buyers; than this narrowing distracts Entrepreneurs from investments that reducing investments slows down development; that this depression is destroying “the collective state of well-being” that alone can motivate private entrepreneurs to invest. This completes the circle and the perspective is only that of a general impoverishment.

We could save ourselves if we could revive our great industrial heritage, managed by public companies that have gone out of business (and are excluded from bankruptcy) to revive our own glorious “mixed economy”, also sanctioned within the framework of “economic and social equality” by Articles 41, 42 and 43 of the current Constitution. But everyone's mind seems to do it darkenedindifferent and irreparably deceived by neoliberal propaganda.

And on the other hand, the incumbent government is giving clear signals that it does not want to recognize and create these current constitutional provisions new constitution Everything was aimed at realizing significant economic and social injustice and driving everyone into an irreversible and fatal decline.

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